Friday, 11 October 2013

DIY Fall Wreath...

I have totally fallen off the boat with posting to my blog over the last month (almost 2). Today I'll blame lack of money and a lengthy list of 'need's throughout the house.

But enough is enough. I was craving a DIY project today and with the help of Pinterest I knew just what I needed... A fall wreath!

I started by gathering ideas about what kind of wreath I wanted on our front porch.

Love the berries :)
Love the Burlap and the letter placement.

Enter coupons from Micheals--perfect timing no less.

I managed to pick up a grapevine wreath, two berry garlands and a monogram letter from Micheals--all for just over $20.00! Love those coupons!

A little twisting, tying and gluing and my masterpiece was complete..

I am SO happy with how my wreath turned out and even more happy that our front door now has a bit of character! True to Second Story Finishing's style, not everything on the wreath was purchased from Micheals today. That little burlap bow was made with what little burlap I had left from
my wedding ;)

On another note, I'll give credit where credit's due... Thanks to Lindsay for starting a blog and reminding me how much I love DIY sharing projects--check out her DIY tipi !


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