Tuesday, 20 August 2013

When DIY and Organization collide...

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since we've moved into our new house and what a whirl wind!

I learned two lessons when it comes to 'doing' projects around the new house:

Lesson 1. Begin making a list immediately. Wander around the house with a clip board and create a list--it's totally inevitable that in each room, you will come across something that needs to be done. Instead of just doing it, write it down...then do it and cross it off your list! How productive you'll feel! Ha! (Maybe try a lanyard with a clipboard attached--that way it never leaves your side ;)

Lesson 2. Prioritize your list. I learned that moving can be a very overwhelming task--especially if you like to 'do' things to your house like paint, decorate, add personal touches etc. etc. Prioritizing that list in to whatever categories you see fit will be so helpful in tackling ALL of the tasks...For example, although I'd love to get started on creating a really funky powder room--the reality is that the use of that space is already totally functional--I'd just be adding lipstick. What wasn't totally functional made it to the top of my list of things to do.

Lucky for me, the item on the top of my list included a little DIY and a little organization.

I know it's barely visible but there's clutter to the left on the counter...and the calendar is in a sorry place. Not to mention there are papers just shoved in the file box on the counter.
The need for a command center became very apparent very quickly--in fact I even recall on moving day, looking at the pile of keys and documents on the kitchen counter closest to our back door--NOT OK!

And so began the collide of organizing and DIYing...

I actually started by just reflecting on what we needed in a command center. Here's what our family needed the most:

1. grocery list (clipboards were purchased at Dollarama. I just spray painted the chrome pieces with matte black spray paint to help make them a bit more rustic) 
2. spot for 'stuff' that needs attending
3. Our family calendar (This is on a bulletin board that my husband and I made from an old bulletin board that had a broken frame, and an old frame from a friends parents' garage sale in High River--before the flood! I orignally thought about painting  the frame but realized that the color of it matched the desk hardware perfectly--a match made in heaven!)
4. A drop spot for keys (hook plaque from Pier 1 Imports) 
5. A drop spot for change, and my husband's wallet  (tin that was originally used to house kitchen herbs. Purchased from chapters)
6.  and stuff that needs filing and a spot for notepads to make lists, meal plans, draw pictures, write love letters, keep score in a game of scrabble etc. etc.
 (bought this filing box from Winners!)

The desk, also mentioned in a previous post, belonged to my Grandma. I asked her about it's 'story' and she said, "Oh that old thing, we picked it up for nothing at a garage sale or something. We just needed something for the spare room. And it's not a desk. It's a vanity table." Bless her heart.

The chair was given to us by my mother-in-law and was also purchased at a garage sale!

Overall, I think I was successful in creating a Spencer Family Command Center! I would like to eventually paint the wall a bold color but for now, our family 'stuff' will continue to be dropped in a more organized fashion! Yahoo!
Thanks again for taking time to read my blog...Stay tuned for the next project!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Here we go!!!

Today is the day! We are finally moving our belongings into our new home and I couldn't be more excited. It actually feels pretty surreal to know that we get to sleep in our own bed tonight, use our own coffee mugs and rediscover all of our treasures!

I am also SOOOOOOO excited to start DIY projects again. My husband asked me last night what my first project is going to be...I have so many to choose from! Bless his heart--instead of borrowing a drop cloth to keep furniture on the floor so we don't damage the hardwood, he bought one and said, "you'll need somewhere to put your projects when you're painting." It's the little things that count right?

Adding to our list of projects, we went to Nanton last weekend and took part in their Round Up Days celebration. We also spent time looking through the antique shops for something (we had no idea what) for our new home. One of the stores we loved was a new one to town called The Raven Store.

We came upon a HUGE mirror that was part of an art deco bedroom set. Someone had already purchased the set but left the mirror! Although we don't love the frame, the size of the mirror is perfect. (sorry we don't have pics--it's in storage--story of my life). I think we'll add some new trim to make it a bit more 'us'. More on that later.

Here's a little sneak a peak of the new house...Stay tuned for pics of all of our 'stuff' moved in!

Fireplace in the great room

HUGE kitchen...can't wait for all of the cabinetry!

Stairs--I took this pic more to see the color palate.
Eeep! Excitement is an understatement! Thanks for sticking by on our journey...I promise I'll get back to the premise of my blog once we've moved in!

P.S. I'd like to make a mini shout out to my dear friend Jodi who has decided to start a blog called She Calls me Mommy. Her strength and courage continually amazes me and I LOVE that she is sharing her story...Love her to pieces. ;)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making a new house old...

Well as our story continues, my journey back to a DIY blogger is slowly taking shape--a new shape.

The house we were to purchase in High River was full of stories we will never know. It's walls were thick with history and we were thrilled to be adding to the stories that would be written in the home.

Since we lost that home, we have purchased a new home in Okotoks and are scheduled to move in next week. (Cross your fingers this one works out!)  Interesting enough, this house is brand new and has never been lived in, (well that's a tiny lie--it served as a home to flood relief victims immediately following the flood). 

The new house!

So begins our journey to create stories within these new walls.

As you can imagine, I have been obsessed with searching for ways to create character in a new home. Thanks to my trusty pal Pinterest, I have come across some amazing ideas that I will for sure be trying out.

Creating character will be the new direction I take with the DIY projects I complete.

All of our 'stuff' waiting to be painted, arranged, re-discovered!

For my own organizations sake (and perhaps your interest), below is a list of projects I will complete through out the next few weeks, months, years!

-refurbish Patio Set (FREE pick up from Kijiji)
-butcher block (gifted from grandparents when they moved out of their home)
-refurbish coffee table
-turn armoire into office
-command center

To name a few! I am giddy thinking about the above DIY projects and can't wait to share the story of each piece with you!

I believe everything happens for a reason and for now, I'm holding onto the idea that the reason this home has come to us is to allow us the opportunity to start from the ground up and create our own feeling within the walls.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Your support means so much.