Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making a new house old...

Well as our story continues, my journey back to a DIY blogger is slowly taking shape--a new shape.

The house we were to purchase in High River was full of stories we will never know. It's walls were thick with history and we were thrilled to be adding to the stories that would be written in the home.

Since we lost that home, we have purchased a new home in Okotoks and are scheduled to move in next week. (Cross your fingers this one works out!)  Interesting enough, this house is brand new and has never been lived in, (well that's a tiny lie--it served as a home to flood relief victims immediately following the flood). 

The new house!

So begins our journey to create stories within these new walls.

As you can imagine, I have been obsessed with searching for ways to create character in a new home. Thanks to my trusty pal Pinterest, I have come across some amazing ideas that I will for sure be trying out.

Creating character will be the new direction I take with the DIY projects I complete.

All of our 'stuff' waiting to be painted, arranged, re-discovered!

For my own organizations sake (and perhaps your interest), below is a list of projects I will complete through out the next few weeks, months, years!

-refurbish Patio Set (FREE pick up from Kijiji)
-butcher block (gifted from grandparents when they moved out of their home)
-refurbish coffee table
-turn armoire into office
-command center

To name a few! I am giddy thinking about the above DIY projects and can't wait to share the story of each piece with you!

I believe everything happens for a reason and for now, I'm holding onto the idea that the reason this home has come to us is to allow us the opportunity to start from the ground up and create our own feeling within the walls.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Your support means so much.

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