Thursday, 8 August 2013

Here we go!!!

Today is the day! We are finally moving our belongings into our new home and I couldn't be more excited. It actually feels pretty surreal to know that we get to sleep in our own bed tonight, use our own coffee mugs and rediscover all of our treasures!

I am also SOOOOOOO excited to start DIY projects again. My husband asked me last night what my first project is going to be...I have so many to choose from! Bless his heart--instead of borrowing a drop cloth to keep furniture on the floor so we don't damage the hardwood, he bought one and said, "you'll need somewhere to put your projects when you're painting." It's the little things that count right?

Adding to our list of projects, we went to Nanton last weekend and took part in their Round Up Days celebration. We also spent time looking through the antique shops for something (we had no idea what) for our new home. One of the stores we loved was a new one to town called The Raven Store.

We came upon a HUGE mirror that was part of an art deco bedroom set. Someone had already purchased the set but left the mirror! Although we don't love the frame, the size of the mirror is perfect. (sorry we don't have pics--it's in storage--story of my life). I think we'll add some new trim to make it a bit more 'us'. More on that later.

Here's a little sneak a peak of the new house...Stay tuned for pics of all of our 'stuff' moved in!

Fireplace in the great room

HUGE kitchen...can't wait for all of the cabinetry!

Stairs--I took this pic more to see the color palate.
Eeep! Excitement is an understatement! Thanks for sticking by on our journey...I promise I'll get back to the premise of my blog once we've moved in!

P.S. I'd like to make a mini shout out to my dear friend Jodi who has decided to start a blog called She Calls me Mommy. Her strength and courage continually amazes me and I LOVE that she is sharing her story...Love her to pieces. ;)

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