Sunday, 8 December 2013

DIY Nativity...

I've heard my husband tell the same story over and over of a childhood tradition he held very close to his heart growing up. I won't go into details, (mostly because I'll probably get the details wrong!), but in a nutshell, his Grandpa would read his brothers and cousins the Christmas story. Each child would get a 'character' from the story to place in the nativity scene. My husband always talked about how his youngest brother a   l   w   a   y   s got to be baby Jesus and how he had to be a Wiseman.

Needless to say, I realized how important it was for our growing family to have our own traditions. Enter my most favorite DIY project to date. I decided to make a nativity scene for our family, in hopes to carry the tradition that my husband spoke so fondly about.

I made my way to Michaels with little idea of what I was going to make the scene out of. I came upon some little wooden 'pieces' that I figured I could fashion into my Nativity characters. I also knew that I would be incorporating some of my own supplies like burlap, twine and paint.

Once I had all of my supplies, I made my way to my moms and raided her craft supplies. The crafting began. Thanks to her jewellery rejects and some old silk plants I was able to put finishing touches on all of the characters. (Check out the Wisemans' crowns and the angel's wings :)

I can't wait to read the Christmas Story on Christmas eve with our little girl this Christmas. I can only hope she'll speak so fondly of the tradition when she gets older.

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