Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Let the DIY story begin...

After much time spent pondering how to start a DIY blog, and much time spent deciding whether or not it was something I actually wanted to do, my excitement and passion for DIY 'stuff' got the best of me. I'm diving into the world of blogging!

I have a fairly long commute into work and have a lot of time to think about what DIY projects I can do, how I will share them and what I will get out of it-- Conveniently, my husband and I recently purchased a 100 year old home and will be working on making it a "home of our own". This--for obvious reasons-- lends itself nicely to a budding DIY blogger!

As mentioned in my first "Welcome" post (apologies for not being a good host and refraining to post for 4 months), my mom and I both have incredible passion for bringing used objects into a home and giving them a new 'story'--thus we have created Second Story Furnishings (more on that later).

Little does my husband, daughter or new house (appropriately named The Green House) know, I will be documenting our journey via this blog--reporting on the latest and greatest DIY projects in and around our home. As you can imagine, the house has over 100 years of story to tell--I can't wait to add a few more chapters ;)

The Green House...

Thanks to Speechie Evie and Kanelstrand Simple Living for providing some great tips on how to get started!

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