Wednesday, 19 June 2013

When two become one...

As many of you have experienced, and as many of you can imagine, getting married means more than committing to one person for the rest of your life--it also means committing to your significant others' stuff.

My husband (Levi) and I moved in together and I quickly learned that my style wasn't best suited for a man. I also learned that he had his own style and that I would need to tread very lightly to ensure that both of our design styles 'meshed' in our new house. 

One of the first projects I did to marry our styles was to refurbish some night stands.

Here are the Night Stands today!

Levi brought a relatively nice looking, classic IKEA night table into the marriage. The problem was there was only one. So began my hunt for another night stand.

To no surprise I found the perfect piece at Goodwill for only $14.00! It was a two drawer filing cabinet from the 70's or 80's with a curved front.

My next challenge was figuring out how to make both of these, very different night tables work in the same space. I chose to paint each night table the same color--and if you read my last blog post about the desk, you won't be too surprised to know that I painted them a nice earthy shade of blue.

I was happy with how they turned out but still wanted to add a bit of personality. I dragged my husband out to one of my favorite shops for the home (Anthropologie) and began hunting for new knobs! I figured that having Levi choose his own knobs for his own night table, would be a good way to make him feel included in this whole refurbishing process. (I bet this is a good strategy for kids too!;)

The Goodwill Find

The classic IKEA

The best thing about these nightstands is that they can be painted again to match any d├ęcor. What ever I decide to do, their story as a married couple is turning a new leaf...I wonder what's in store for them in the new house???


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  1. Hi Jill, I absolutely love this idea of yours! The stands are alike but unique also, you are thinking out of the box and I love the idea that you are so considerate of incorporating Levi's likes & possessions as well. Great job!


    Jacki McCallum